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I went to Dr. Laurent’s office for my regular checkup and was introduced to Dr. Sammons, who would be evaluating my x-rays. Immediately upon meeting Dr. Sammons, he completely put me at ease and even asked about my new puppy! After viewing my x-rays, Dr. Sammons was very professional and thorough in explaining why I needed a new crown. He patiently answered all my questions and concerns and within a couple of days, we proceeded with my crown work. Again, Dr. Sammons was most professional and thorough in explaining his step by step procedure. Best of all, I left the office pain free! I will definitely recommend Dr. Sammons to family and friends!

Pixie Carter

Dr. Sammons was very kind and sweet. I had no pain when I saw him for my procedure and I felt very safe with him!

Debbie King

I have been coming to Dr. Laurent office for years. Dr. Laurent and her staff are very professional and friendly. They pamper you and make going to the dentist a pleasurable experience. I have tried other dentists in the area and continue to return to Dr. Laurent for my dental care. Keep up the great work and awesome customer service:)

Tina S.

Best choice I made…Dr. Thomas Sammons and his staff made me very comfortable and at ease during my root canal! I Found me a new dentist!

Angela B.

I’ve never been to a dentist’s office like this one. I don’t dread my appointments, and that’s a testament to your outstanding team!

Amy S.

Would never consider going anywhere else! People think I am crazy but I feel like I am visiting friends!

Denise U.

I was always terrified to go to the dentist. Dr. Laurent and her staff made me feel so comfortable and welcomed.

Monique C.

Dr. Sammons is very pleasant and keeps his patients informed throughout the dental procedure, which makes me feel comfortable. He is knowledgeable, easy to talk with, and not too pushy. Keep up the good work! I would definitely recommend family and friends to him.

Sophia Guidry

Dr. Laurent and staff very welcoming with smiles and warm greetings. By far one of the best dentist I have come too and cares for her patients. Recommend to anyone. Plus, I can listen to music and wrap in a blanket to stay comfortable during my procedure.

Victoria B.

Dr. Sammons brings the same kind of compassion and professionalism that has kept me coming back to Dr. Laurent for 25 years. I can tell already they are going to make a great team!

Dr. Daniel Povinelli

I’ve been with Dr. Laurent for 30 years. Everybody involved always makes the appointment go as smoothly as a trip to the dentist can be. Great office staff and almost an enjoyable experience.

Jennifer F.

This is the best dentist’s office I’ve ever utilized. The staff, hands down, are the most polite and helpful I’ve ever encountered. At my last cleaning the hygienist I had was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. Dr Laurent came in at the end and advised me of a few of my options regarding a potential cavity… AFTER she inquired about my life and asking how I was doing. You don’t get service like that anymore. THIS IS THE PERFECT DENTAL OFFICE.

Chance M.

I have wanted braces for a long time, but didn’t want the traditional silver ones for an extended period of time and didn’t want to spend a ton of money. Dr. Ann Laurent’s office made it all possible for me to have both of my wishes granted by offering 6 Month Smiles at a very reasonable price. Dr. Laurent and her staff made the process of having braces very pleasurable, and after 6 months I am EXTREMELY happy with the results. I now smile with complete confidence! I owe it all to Dr. Laurent and her wonderful staff!

David B.

Dr. Sammons and his staff were amazing with me. I never expected such an easy visit for a filling in my life. He is not only honest & compassionate, but he has an amazing bed-side manner of any dentist I know. If you are looking for a dentist who cares….You couldn’t pick a better one to use. I highly recommend him and his support staff.

Robin H.

First dental office that has not lied to me in 6 years. Need I say more.

Robert M.

Even though my teeth were straight from wearing braces, they were small and very discolored. I’ve always hated my smile. Enter the cosmetic genius of Dr. Ann Laurent and her wonderful caring staff and now i have the smile i have always wished for! Dr. Laurent’s work is meticulous and her staff ensured my experience was a comfortable one. In one short visit cosmetic bonding gave me the smile I’ve always hoped for. My only question is "Why did i wait so long?"

Louisette H.

Great and caring are the staff at Dr. Ann Laurent’s dental office. They truly make the horrible dental visit the best it can be by going the extra distance to make you feel at ease.

Saundra S.

Takes the worries out of dental appointments! Great Staff!

Cynthia F.

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