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Dental bonding is the process of quickly repairing teeth with an enamel-like material to enhance the aesthetics of your smile by reshaping your teeth. Dental bonding provides an effective alternative to orthodontics or veneers, and offers the ability to change the color, shape, or alignment of your teeth.

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Benefits of Dental Bonding

However, dental bonding works best to correct minor imperfections such as:

  • Gaps between teeth
  • Restoring discolored or spotted teeth
  • Repairing chipped teeth
  • Lengthening uneven teeth
  • Reducing or eliminating sensitivity due to exposed roots
Did You Know?

Dental bonding is an easy, effective, and quick way to upgrade your smile. Dental bonding provides you with a completely customized treatment that can easily be completed in one dental appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may be a candidate for dental bonding if you wish to correct minor imperfections in your smile such as: improperly spaced teeth, chipped teeth, oddly shaped teeth, or discolored teeth. To find out for sure if you are a candidate for dental bonding, schedule a consultation with Dr. Sammons and Dr. Laurent of Dental Artistry today!

The most commonly used material for dental bonding is composite resin, which is an extremely durable plastic that replicates the natural look of your tooth’s enamel.

The entire dental bonding procedure usually lasts from about 30-60 minutes per tooth, depending on the type of alteration being made. To begin, your dentist will first select the correct shade of composite resin using a shade guide. Then, your tooth will be prepared by roughing up the bonding surface and applying a special conditioning liquid to allow for better adherence.

After your tooth has been properly prepared, a putty-like bonding material will be applied, shaped, and hardened into place using a special curing light. Once the composite resin material has hardened, your dentist will trim and shape the surface as necessary to blend with the surrounding teeth. Finally, the entire tooth will be polished to match your teeth’s natural sheen.

Dental bonding simply adds a composite resin material to your teeth’s surface and should not cause any pain. However, it may cause some discomfort if you are filling an area of deep decay or an area that has already been causing pain. If this is the case, this pain should dissipate within a few days of treatment.

Like other restoration methods, dental bonding will not last forever. Depending on your dental habits, dental bonding has the potential to last anywhere from 3-10 years. This number can also vary based on the location of the dental bonding material. For example, dental bonding on the edge of a tooth will wear faster than dental bonding sitting between teeth. However, dental bonding can easily be replaced or touched up. In addition, it can also be altered to allow for other restoration methods.

You will take care of your bonded teeth the same way you would take care of your natural teeth. This means practicing good oral hygiene consisting of brushing twice a day, flossing once a day, and visiting Dental Artistry at least once every six months for your dental checkup and professional cleaning.

You will, however, want to avoid chipping the bonding material by avoid behaviors that could damage your teeth. These include: biting your fingernails, using your teeth to open packages, or chewing on hard items such as pens, ice, or hard foods. You will also want to avoid drinking beverages that can stain your teeth such as coffee, tea, and red wine, or be sure to brush after consuming these beverages.

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